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Matrix System

Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0112
myWedge is an interproximal wedge made of hi-tech plastic material. Its innovative hollow v-shape allows it to compress and adapt to the interproximal anatomy of teeth. It prevents damage to the papilla while guiding and forming the matrix band to the anatomy of the cervical area of the tooth. myWed..
Ex Tax:Rs.3,200.00
The Wedge
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0113
Made of hi-tech plastic material, The Wedge combines softness and elasticity, providing an optimal adaptation of the matrix along the cervical margin, even in concave zones and in widening interdental spaces.Exta small size (XS) 25pcsSmall size (S) 25pcsMedium size (M) 25pcsLarge size (L) 25pcs..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,500.00
Wood Wedges
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0111
"Interdental wedges made of maple wood from sustainable Swiss forests. These anatomically shaped wooden wedges can be easily inserted into the interproximal space, buccally or lingually, without damaging the papilla. They feature concave sides that provide matrix adaptation along the cervical margin..
Ex Tax:Rs.700.00
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