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Aquasil Soft Putty Std. Pack
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Dentsply Model: EDP0054
"Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty is an elastomeric impression material with very high viscosity. The material has an optimum amount of flexibility for easy removal of the impression from undercuts. This very high viscosity putty impression material is based on quadrafunctional hydrophilic siloxanes. Aqu..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,250.00
GC G-Premio Bond GC G-Premio Bond
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0035
G-Premio BOND is a universal, 8th generation bonding agent that is compatible with total-etch, self-etch and selective etch techniques providing excellent versatility. It is perfectly adapted to all direct restorations and can also be used to repair indirect restorations without the use of primer. G..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,400.00
Optiview Lip and Cheek Retractor
Custom Labels New
Manufacturer: Ormco Model: 716-0050
- Retracts peri-oral tissues.- Maximum visibility and access to the operating field.- Passive setting. Its stable and flexible 3D design makes installation and removal easy.- No obstacle in the access way. No need to maintain it or to use an additional tool.- Better patient’s comfort. The anatomical..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,000.00
Solare Universal Bond
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0038
Superior bond strength of Solare Universal Bond to enamel and dentine is attributable to its unique formulation. The dimethacrylate monomer in Solare Universal bond increases its permeability into enamel and dentine covered to another adhesives, while the increased level of phosphate ester monomr op..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,600.00
Zelgan Alginate
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Dentsply Model: EDP0062
"Dentsply Zelgan 2002 is a dust-free irreversible hydrocolloid alginate impression material that can be used to make perfect preliminary dental impressions with excellent reproducibility of the anatomical features of the dental arches. This quality impression material can be used to make dental impr..
Ex Tax:Rs.370.00
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