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Fuji Rock EP Golden Brown
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0026
GC FUJIROCK EP is the ultimate stone for producing remarkably fine/smooth dies and working and study models. The superior quality of this Type IV Dental Die Stone is ideal for all kinds of prosthetics with high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high pressure stability. Prosthodontics &nb..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,900.00
GC Pattern Resin
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0039
PATTERN RESIN LS is a self-curing, general purpose acrylic resin used for making patterns for fabricating copings, post and core build-ups, lingual and palatal bars, implant attachments, adhesion bridges, clasps, telescoping crowns and certain pre-soldering techniques. This GC India product is formu..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,900.00
GC Reline Soft GC Reline Soft
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0047
GC Reline Soft: A-Silicone for long lasting relining of dentures, especially in cases where supportive tissue material is missing. GC Reline Extra Soft: Tissue toning material based on A-silicone to overcome pressure point problems frequently seen with edentulous patients..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,220.00
GC Soft-Liner
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0045
Acrylic temporary relining material (3-4 weeks) for partial and full dentures and functional impression taking..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,900.00
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