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Easy Post Set 0.8
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Dentsply Model: EDP0057
EasyPost is a composite combination of an epoxy resin matrix reinforced with zircon enriched silicon fibres. With a longitudinal modulus of elasticity and a shear strength close to that of dentine. Its mechanical properties are ideal for a homogeneous reconstruction which minimises the risks of root..
Ex Tax:Rs.10,450.00
Glyde Glyde
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Dentsply Model: EDP0060
"Glyde is a combination of EDTA and carbamide peroxide specifically formulated to provide cleansing of the root canal preparation. The polyethylene oxide base used in Glyde acts as a lubricant to facilitate shaping of the root canal using rotary and hand instrumentation.Glyde allows for cleansing ac..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,950.00
Propex Pixi Apex Locator Propex Pixi Apex Locator
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Dentsply Model: EDP0070
"The ProPex Pixi Apex Locator is another innovative solution from Dentsply Sirona & Maillefer, encouraging standard of care in Endodontics and assisting clinicians to deliver more predictable endodontic outcomes.The ProPex Pixi Apex Locator uses multi frequency technology to locate the apical fo..
Ex Tax:Rs.38,800.00
Proroot MTA Proroot MTA
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Dentsply Model: EDP0071
"Pro Root®  MTA is an excellent root repair material with:Water-based chemistry, allowing normal setting in the presence of moisture;Resistance to marginal leakage and reduction of bacterial migration;Normal healing response without inflammation;Easy clinical manipulation;Tooth-coloured formula..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,730.00
RC Prep
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Premier Model: EDP0103
RC-Prep’s unique formulation of glycol, urea peroxide and EDTA in a special water-soluble base helps remove calcifications and lubricates the canal to permit more efficient instrumentation. Whether you prefer finger or engine-driven instruments, RC-Prep allows reamers and files to move easily withou..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,000.00
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