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Fuji Plus Capsules
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0015
The outstanding performance, due to the combination of resin and glass ionomer, makes GC Fuji Plus a multi-purpose cement that can be used for all modern luting procedures.Fuji PLUS is a resin modified glass ionomer luting cement that has consistently delivered stress-free cementation for routine cr..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,900.00
Fuji Rock EP Golden Brown
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0026
GC FUJIROCK EP is the ultimate stone for producing remarkably fine/smooth dies and working and study models. The superior quality of this Type IV Dental Die Stone is ideal for all kinds of prosthetics with high precision, outstanding edge hardness and high pressure stability. Prosthodontics &nb..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,900.00
G-aenial Anterior G-aenial Anterior
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0032
"Effortless handling: smooth, non-sticky viscosity that can even be handled with a brushStress-free work in multi-layer restorations: working time of around 4 min.Aesthetic & radiopaque: unique patentedHigh Density Radiopaque (HDR) Technology for easy traceability through X-rays"  &nbs..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,900.00
G-aenial Posterior G-aenial Posterior
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0033
GC G-aenial Posterior features a more condensed filler content which gives a firmer consistency and greater control when contouring anatomical form in posterior restorations. The packable material will still wet and flow when manipulated to ensure tight moulding, even in the deepest cavities. The un..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,900.00
G-aenial Universal Flo G-aenial Universal Flo
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0029
G-aenial Universal Flo by GC is an advanced flowable composite used for direct restorative purposes. These flowable composites have been specially formulated to achieve higher strength and wear resistance properties in addition to esthetics and ease of handling. This makes G-aenial Universal Flo sta..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,125.00
G-CEM Capsule
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0016
G-CEM is a self-adhesive, resin cement featuring an advanced formulation that offers unparalleled self-adhesive properties that seal and protect the tooth. This helps to eliminate sensitivity, whether the prep is moist or dry. This natural complement to the tooth surface means you’ll be ..
Ex Tax:Rs.8,750.00
GC Capsule Applier
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0024
GC Fuji CAPSULE APPLIER is used with all of GC materials in capsules. It pre-activates the capsule and dispenses the material. The GC CAPSULE APPLIER is autoclavable and easy to clean...
Ex Tax:Rs.2,400.00
GC Capsule Mixer
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0023
Digitally controlled high speed capsule mixer with both manual and pre-programmed timing modes. The capsules can be easily installed and removed and the large digital display makes it easy to use and operate. CAPSULE MIXER CM-II will work with virtually all of today’s encapsulated dental materials i..
Ex Tax:Rs.20,600.00
GC Cartridge Dispenser GC Cartridge Dispenser
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0025
GC CARTRIDGE DISPENSER II is used to extrude impression materials. It is designed to work with either 48-50 mL or 75 mL Delivery Systems...
Ex Tax:Rs.2,210.00
GC Coe-Pak
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0040
Two component material for wound dressing, to cover stitches or to stabilize loose teeth..
Ex Tax:Rs.2,750.00
GC Dentin Conditioner
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0019
Dentin Conditioner is a mild polyacrylic acid solution designed to remove the dentinal smear layer and to condition dentine and enamel before the application of your glass ionomer restorative. It will increase the bond between your glass ionomer cement and tooth structure for added longevity...
Ex Tax:Rs.650.00
GC Equia Forte Capsules
Custom Labels New
Manufacturer: GC Model: EDP0175
It is a Glass Hybrid material which represents the latest innovation in GC glass ionomer and resin technologies with EQUIA Forte Fil and EQUIA Forte Coat, working in synergy. United they build a stronger, superior posterior bulk fill material. This unique restorative system for all age group..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,650.00
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