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Abrasive polishing strips
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0114
"This contouring and finishing roll strip for the approximal surfaces of composite restorations is made of flexible polyester and firmly coated with aluminium oxide particles. The strip is 4 mm wide and available in three different grit sizes.Strip length adaptable to treatment situationPractical bo..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,700.00
Blue PolyShapes
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0161
Blue PolyShapes are composite placement and modelling instruments made of hi-tech plastic material. The kit features two double ended instruments. The different tips are designed for layering and contouring a direct posterior restoration to its final form. Additionally, they are indicated to crea..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,200.00
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0107
Protective shields made of first quality transparent (environment-friendly) plastic, scratch and abrasion resistant, antiglare, do not yellow when subjected to daylight and can be cleaned using a mild detergent solution. The eye shields can be worn with a face mask due to the shortened shape...
Ex Tax:Rs.2,000.00
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0119
Flexible to allow to carefully bend the matrix to shape without collapsing into the cavity, Embrace the matrix: optimal contact points, 24 combinations to enhance the adaptability to the clinical situation, Autoclavable and replaceable, Customizable: cut and shape according to necessity..
Ex Tax:Rs.1,100.00
Fiber-Splint Fiber-Splint
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0106
Fiberglass ribbons of different size and thickness. The application is very easy: the Fiber-Splint strip is saturated with bonding agent (Fiber-Bond), positioned on the etched and bonded palatal/lingual surfaces, then fixed in the interdental area with “Clip & Splint” application clips and light..
Ex Tax:Rs.7,000.00
LumiContrast Sectional Matrices
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0164
Low reflection, high contrast matricesIdeal when using loupes or microscopes2 thickness sizes Various matrix sizes ..
Ex Tax:Rs.4,400.00
MyClip 2.0 (Sectional Matrix Ring)
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0167
myClip 2.0 is very easy to handle. Its tines have a special geometry and rigidity allowing very efficient matrix positioning on the palatine and buccal walls. This saves time for the finishing steps and ensures a good proximal morphology...
Ex Tax:Rs.7,500.00
myClip Junior
Custom Labels New
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0086
All-in-one paedriatic sectional matrix ring with integrated forceps.• All-in-one sectional matrix ring with handles that actas forceps• Optimal separation force• Fast, easy, one-hand ring positioning• Long-lasting, made out of Nickel Titanium..
Ex Tax:Rs.10,500.00
myQuickmat All-round
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0168
myQuickmat All-round is the circumferential matrix system designed to perform anatomical posterior restorations of teeth with missing structures. The easy-to-use Quickmat All-round matrices enable restorations with naturally contoured anatomies and tight contact surfaces...
Ex Tax:Rs.14,500.00
myQuickmat Classico Kit
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0116
Optimal, gentle separation force for tight contactsmyRing Classico and Delta Tubes entirely autoclavableExcellent matrix adaptation and retentionComplete assortment of matrices and wedges..
Ex Tax:Rs.15,500.00
myQuickmat Forte kit
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0165
Complete sectional matrix system kit developed to offer strong tooth separation in order to create excellent contact points in the restoration of Class II cavities.Strong separation force for tight contactsSuitable for teeth of different crown heights and wide cavity preparationsReplaceable, interch..
Ex Tax:Rs.20,000.00
MyRing Classico (Sectional Matrix Ring)
Custom Labels
Manufacturer: Polydentia Model: EDP0174
An accurate reproduction of the contact point and proximal walls is a must in Class II restorations. The versatility provided by combining myRing Classico with Diamond24 offers additional flexibility in adapting the sectional matrix system to the clinical situation...
Ex Tax:Rs.1,800.00
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