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Aquasil Soft Putty Std. Pack

Aquasil Soft Putty Std. Pack
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"Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty is an elastomeric impression material with very high viscosity. The material has an optimum amount of flexibility for easy removal of the impression from undercuts. This very high viscosity putty impression material is based on quadrafunctional hydrophilic siloxanes. Aquasil Softputty is suitable for all precision impression techniques. It displays excellent hydrophilic properties that improve the material’s wettability. The dimensional accuracy, high tear strength, and resistance to permanent deformation make Aquasil Soft Putty the perfect material to make precision dental impressions. It can be used as a tray material for the double mix technique or as a primary impression material while making impressions using the two-step putty/wash technique. This impression material complies with the requirements of ISO 4823 for dental elastomeric impression materials.
Aquasil Soft Putty is supplied as base and catalyst, which are mixed before making the impression. Aquasil soft putty is also available as a kit with light body silicone impression material included. The light body impression material included is the Aquasil LV (Low Viscosity) They are
Warning: Dentsply Aquasil Soft Putty is contraindicated in combination with full arch impression trays for the double mix technique. The low flexibility of the set material may interfere with the removal of the impression tray."

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Aquasil Soft Putty Std. Pack

"1 x 450 ml Catalyst 1 x 450 ml Base 2 Spoons"

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